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Agile PLM Server Class Administration

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Agile PLM Server Class Administration Agile PLM服务器类别管理

This section provides a complete summary of class configuration options required for the EC Web connector . Once the basic installation has been done following the instructions in the Installation Guide , you can refer here for details of all required settings.

这节描述了完整的概括 关于EC Web连接器需要的类别配置的选项 .当按照安装手册中的介绍进行完安装后,你可以参考这里的细节 。

 The EC Web Connector requires essential minimum set of fields enabled to work properly . Make sure all the filelds listed in the following chapters are visible and enabled on your Agile server Of course you may need to enable additional fields according to the desired CAD property mapping .

EC Web 连接器需要很少的字段修改就可以工作正常确保下面列出的字段在你的Agile 服务器都是可见的并且是可用的。当然了可能会需要额外的字段根据CAD属性的映射。

 Note that in most cases , the attributes name is predefined , although it may be disabled (OFF) by default . Make sure these are all turned ON . Attributes where the name is not predefined are mentioned below . 

 注意大多数情况下,属性名称是前定义的. 虽然有的是禁用的在默认情况下.确保所有的都是被打开的,属性名称是否按照以下的定义。



   尤其是CAD Filename 属性,在AdminClient  User settings -> Privilege -> Modify Designs 

          应用属性后,相应的属性才可以编辑,可以通过WebClient 端 Edit 按钮来验证。

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