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EC MCAD Connector 3010 AdminGuide-2

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Renaming , Configuration Handling and options  重命名,配置过程及选项

This section describes the available settings and valid values for the connector in XPlmSolidWorksConnector.xml .


Attention: Do not enable the RenameOnSave or RenameOnInitialSave options if you use big assembies , suppressed components or external references . Rely on the RenameOnLoad feature in these cases . Otherwise references and assemblies may be destroyed during save if not all related components are loaded or available.

Setup the Workspace Root

The java environment and workspace root are set in xacw\components\ini\xacw_ini.bat java环境和工作空间根目录都是在这个文件中设置

Configure the workspace root by setting these values: 通过配置这些值来设置工作空间根目录

set cax_temp=C:\agile\wspaces\Default

set CAX_WORKSPACE_ROOT=C:\agile\wspaces

Setup the Java Environment and Workspace Root

Usually there is no need to modify the JAVA settings that are delivered with the connector. The script. detects the system architecture and initializes the right JRE in xacw_ini.bat during the initial registration and also on startup of the connector .

通常不需要修改连接器交付的java设置 ,脚本会检测系统设置并且初始化正确的JRE到xacw_ini.bat 文件中在初始化注册时以及在连接器启动时。

 Setup the Attribute Mapping

Please use the Mapping Editor to define the Attribute Mapping.

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