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Agile EC 301 SolidWorks Connector Administration

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SolidWorks Connector Administration   SolidWorks 连接器管理

This section provides a complete summary of configuration options available for the SolidWorks connector . Once the basic installation has been done following the instructions in the Installation Guide , you can refer here for details of all possible settings.


Note that in addition to the configuration files listed here , the EC Web Connector must be additionally configured to provide complete operation of the SolidWorks Connector . See the EC Web Connector Configuration Options sectoin for details.

注意除了列在这里的配置文件外,EC web连接器必须被额外配置才能提供完整的SolidWorks连接器的操作。具体查看EC Web连接器配置选项。

Connector Configuration Settings   连接器配置设定

The configuration of the connector is done in xml files , which are located in the components/xml subdirectory of the integration . The following files are important for the connector: 连接器的配置是通过xml文件,位于integration目录下的components /xml 子目录下。下面这些文件对连接器很重要: 

XPlmsolidWorksConnector.xml -base configuration of the SolidWorks connector   SolidWorks连接器的主要配置文件

XPlmSWAgileAddin.xml - contains the Agile menu definition and Addin registration . This file shouldn't be changed . 包括Agile菜单的定义以及插件的注册,这个文件不应该修改。

xPlmAgile9SolidworksTransaction.xml - contains the configured transactions for the Agile load and save processes . This file shouldn't be changed .  包括对Agile 加载和保存过程的传送设置。这个文件不应该修改。


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