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Sap FI PA认证考试大纲

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SAP Training CurriculumCertification Requirements Solution Consultant
mySAP Managerial & Financial Accounting 2002
Software components: SAP R/3 4.6C
Certification duration: 3 hours
Number of certification questions: 80 multiple choice questions
Required certifications for parti***tion in this certification test: None

Please note that you are not allowed to use any reference materials during
the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP
The certification test Solution Consultant mySAP Managerial & Financial
Accounting 2002 verifies the knowledge in the area of the mySAP Financials
solution for the consultant profile Managerial & Financial Accounting.
This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic understanding
within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge
practically in projects.
The certification test consists of questions from the areas specified
Topic Areas
1. Finance Master Data (++)
Bank accounts/keys
Account Groups; Control and Field Status
Customer and Vendor Accounts
Chart of Accounts and Reconciliation Accounts
Foreign currency issues/ currency types
2. Document Control (++)
Document types & Number ranges
Posting Keys and Field Status groups
Posting Periods and Variants
Tolerance Groups & payment differences
Payment Terms
Document Processing and influences
Clearing (manual & automatic)
Special G/L Transactions
3. Payment Program (+)
Payment processing and configuration
Bank selection criteria
Payment Media
4. Periodic Processing (+)
Month end and year end Processes & adjustments
Financial Statement Versions & Reporting
Inventory Valuation possibilities
Customizing of Foreign Exchange Methodology
Schedule Manager/Monitor/Flow Definitions
5. Controlling Org Types and Master Data (+++)
Cost elements and Cost Centers
Activity Types
Statistical Key Figures
Transaction Based postings and activity allocations
Reconciliation Ledger
Order Master records, types, and status
Periodic reposting and cost allocations
Distributions and Assessments
6. Planning (+)
Versions and Profiles in Cost Centers/Profit Centers
Planning Aids
7. Overhead Orders (+)
Types of Orders
Statistical vs Real Orders
Period end and settlement rules
Allocation Structures
8. Profit Center Accounting (+)
Dummy Profit Center and Assignment of objects
Assignment Monitor
Actual Data Flow and Line Item Management
Transfer Pricing
9. Report Painter (+)
Characteristics, key figures, and libraries
Building a report with rows and columns. Use of Models
Use of Calculated Key figures in reports
Formatting Reports and layouts
Report/Report Interface
Set Theory
Different kinds of Variables
10. ASAP (+)
Accelerated SAP-Overview
11. Experiences from Implementations (Case Study or Project)* (+)
Setting Up Company Structures (organizational units in
Integration and Dependencies

Weighting Key in the Test:
+ = 1 - 10%
++ = 11 - 20%
+++ = over 20%
* = In topic area 11, you will be tested on cross-topic implementation and
integration issues. Implementation and integration knowledge that refers
to a specific area (such as Assignment Monitor) will be tested in the
relevant topic (such as Profit Center Accounting).


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