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会计报表 statement of account

往来帐目 account current

现在往来帐||存款额 current accout

销货帐 account sales

共同计算帐项 joint account

未决帐项 outstanding account

贷方帐项 credit account||creditor account

借方帐项 debit account||debtor account

应付帐||应付未付帐 account payable

应收帐||应收未收帐 account receivable

新交易||新帐 new account

未决帐||老帐 old account

现金帐 cash account

流水帐 running account

暂记帐||未定帐 suspense account

过期帐||延滞帐 overdue account||pastdue account

杂项帐户 sundry account

详细帐单||明细表 detail account

呆帐 bad account

会计项目 title of account

会计薄||帐薄 account-book

营业报告书||损益计算表 account of budiness||business report

借贷细帐||交验帐 account rendered

明细帐 account stated

与... 银行开立一户头 to open an account with

与... 银行建立交易 to keep account with

继续记帐 to keep account

与... 有交易 to have an account with

作成会计帐||有往来帐项 to make out an account with

清算||清理债务 to make up an account

清洁帐目||与... 停止交易 to close one's account with

结帐 to close an account

清理未付款 to ask an account||to demand an account

结清差额 to balance the account with

清算 to settle an account||to liquidate an account||to square an account

审查帐目||监查帐目 to audit an account

检查帐目 to examine an account

转入A的帐户 to charge the amount to A's account

br>以计帐方式付款 to pay on account

代理某人||为某人 on one's account||on account of one

为自己计算||独立帐目 on one's own account

由某人收益并负风险 on one's account and risk||for one's account and risk

由某人负担 for one's account||for account of one

按某人指示||列入某人帐户 by order and for account of one

列入5月份帐目 for May account

编入某中帐项下 to pass to the account of||to place to the account of

寄出清算书 to send in an account||to send in render an account


支票薄 cheque book

支票陈票人 cheque drawer

持票人 cheque holder

不记名支票 cheque to bearer||bearer cheque

记名支票||认人支票 cheque to order

到期支票 antedated cheque

未到期支票 postdated cheque

保付支票 certified cheque

未获兑现支票,退票 returned cheque

横线支票 crossed cheque

普通横线 general crossing

特别横线 special crossing

空白支票 blank cheque

失效支票,过期支票 stale cheque

普通支票 open cheque

打10%折扣的10000元支票,(即9000元) a cheque for $10,000, less 10% discount

加10%费用的10000元支票,(即11000元) a cheque for $10,000, plus 10% charges

支票换现金||兑现 to cash a cheque

清理票款 to clear a cheque

保证兑现 to certify a cheque

填写支票数额 to fill up a cheque

支票上划线 to cross a cheque

开发支票 to make out a cheque

签发支票,开立支票 to draw a cheque||to issue a cheque

透支支票 to overdraw a cheque

背书支票 to endorse a cheque

请付票款||清付票款 to pay a cheque||to honour a cheque

支票退票 to dishonour a cheque

拒付支票 to refuse a cheque

拒付支票 to stop payment of a cheque

提示要求付款 to present for payment

见票即付持票人 payable to bearer

支付指定人 payable to order

已过期||无效 out of date||stale

请给出票人 R/D||refer to drawer

存款不足 N/S||N.S.F.||not sufficient funds||I/F||insufficient funds

文字与数字不一致 words and figures differ

支票交换时间已过 account closed

更改处应加盖印章 alterations require initials

交换时间已过 effects not cleared

停止付款 payment stopped

支票毁损 cheque mutilated


汇款||寄钱 to remit||to send money

寄票供取款||支票支付 to send a cheque for payment

寄款人 a remitter

收款人 a remittee


国外汇票 foreign Bill

国内汇票 inland Bill

跟单汇票 documentary bill

空头汇票 accommodation bill

原始汇票 original bill

改写||换新票据 renewed bill

即期汇票 sight bill||bill on demand

... days after date||... days' after date ... 日后付款

... months after date||... months' after date ... 月后付款

见票后... 日付款... days' after sight||... days' sight

见票后... 月付款... months' after sight||... months' sight

同组票据 set of bills

单张汇票 sola of exchange||sole of exchange

远期汇票 usance bill||bill at usance

长期汇票 long bill

短期汇票 short bill

逾期汇票 overdue bill

宽限日期 days of grace

电汇 telegraphic transfer (T.T)

邮汇 postal order||postal note (Am.)||post office order||money order

本票 promissory note (P/N)

押汇负责书||押汇保证书 letter of hypothecation

副保||抵押品||付属担保物 collateral security

担保书 trust receipt||letter of indemnity

承兑||认付 acceptance

单张承兑 general acceptance

有条件承兑 qualified acceptance

附条件认付 conditional acceptance

部分认付 partial acceptance

拒付||退票 dishonour

拒绝承兑而退票 dishonour by non-acceptance

由于存款不足而退票 dihonour by non-payment

提交 presentation

背书 endorsement||indorsement

无记名背书 general endorsement||blank endorsement

记名式背书 special endorsement||full endorsement

附条件背书 conditional endorsement

限制性背书 restrictive endorsement

无追索权背书 endorsement without recourse

期满||到期 maturity

托收 collection

新汇票||再兑换汇票 re-exchange||re-draft

外汇交易 exchange dealing||exchange deals

汇兑合约 exchange contract

汇兑合约预约 forward exchange contract

外汇行情 exchange quotation

交易行情表 course of exchange||exchange table

汇价||兑换率 exchange rate||rate of exchange

官方汇率 official rate

挂牌汇率||名义汇率 nominal rate

现汇汇率 spot rate

电汇汇率||电汇率|| T.T. rate||telegraphic transfer rate

兑现率||兑现汇率 demand rate

长期汇率 long rate

私人汇票折扣率 rate on a private bill

远期汇票兑换率 forward rate

套价||套汇汇率||裁定外汇行情 cross rate

付款汇率 pence rate

当日汇率||成交价 currency rate

套汇||套价||公断交易率 arbitrage

汇票交割||汇票议付 negotiation of draft

交易人||议付人 negotiator

票据交割||让与支票票据议付 to negotiatie a bill

折扣交割||票据折扣 to discount a bill

票据背书 to endorse a bill

应付我差额51,000美元 a balance due to us of $51,000||a balance in our favour of $ 51,000

收到汇款 to receive remittance

填写收据 to make out a receipt


付款方法 mode of payment

现金付款 payment by cash||cash payment||payment by ready cash

以支票支付 payment by cheque

以汇票支付 payment by bill

以物品支付 payment in kind

付清||支付全部货款 payment in full||full payment

支付部分货款||分批付款 payment in part||part payment||partial payment

记帐付款||会计帐目内付款 payment on account

定期付款 payment on term

年分期付款 annual payment

月分期付款 monthly payment||monthly instalment

延滞付款 payment in arrear

预付货||先付 payment in advance||prepayment

延付货款 deferred payment

立即付款 prompt payment||immediate payment

暂付款 suspense payment

延期付款 delay in payment||extension of payment

支付票据 payment bill

名誉支付||干与付款 payment for honour||payment by intervention

结帐||清算||支付 settlement

分期付款 instalment

滞付||拖欠||尾数款未付 arrears

特许拖延付款日 days of grace

保证付款 del credere

付款 to pay||to make payment||to make effect payment

结帐 to settle||to make settlement||to make effect settlement||to square||to balance

支出||付款 to defray||to disburse

结清 to clear off||to pya off

请求付款 to ask for payment||to request payment

恳求付帐 to solicit payment

拖延付款 to defer payment||to delay payment

付款被拖延 to be in arrears with payment

还债 to discharge

迅速付款 to pay promptly

付款相当迅速 to pay moderately well||to pay fairly well||to keep the engagements regularly

付款相当慢 to pay slowly||to take extended credit

付款不好 to pay badly||to be generally in arrear with payments

付款颇为恶劣 to pay very badly||to never pay unless forced

拒绝付款 to refuse payment||to refuse to pay||to dishonour a bill

相信能收到款项 We shall look to you for the payment||We shall depend upon you for the payment ||We expect payment from you

惠请付款 kindly pay the amount||please forward payment||please forward a cheque.

我将不得不采取必要步骤运用法律手段收回该项货款 I shall be obliged to take the necessary steps to legally recover the amount. ||I shall be compelled to take steps to enforce payment.

惠请宽限 let the matter stand over till then.||allow me a short extension of time. ||Kindly postpone the time for payment a little longer.

索取利息 to charge interest

附上利息 to draw interest||to bear&


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