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WIP:解释工单界面 pending actions(ZT metalink)

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How do you interpret statuses shown in the PENDING ACTIONS window, for discrete jobs?

(N) WIP > Discrete > Discrete Jobs


The system behavior. is as follows:

You cannot CLOSE the job if any "pending" transactions exist:
1. Pending WIP move transactions
2. Pending resource transactions
3. Pending material transactions
4. Uncosted material transactions
5. Pending LPN Put-away transactions
6. Open PO/REQ.

The reason a job cannot close when such transactions exist is explained as follows:
If the job was closed, trying to process any of these pending records, would fail as the job
is not eligible for transaction.

You cannot "Unrelease" and "Release" a job, if it has any kind of charges on the job:
1. Material issued to the job
2. Any resources issued to the job
3. Any move transactions
4. Any pending transactions as per above
5. Open PO/REQ
Moving a job from Released to Unreleased is a provision given to correct if a job was released by mistake. But if any action has happened on the job after releasing the job, the job can't be unreleased.

There are several validations when moving job from one status to the other. When user tries to change the job status and the system detects a problem with it, clear error messages will be displayed.

If the error message is not clear, you can use Tools -> Pending Actions to see if something might be holding the status change.

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