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DB2 Viper 2

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在Oracle11g即将推出之际,我们高兴得看到IBM也启动了DB2 Viper 2 Open Beta Program项目。作为用户,我们很乐意看到厂商的努力。这是否意味着,数据库的市场的竞争也会加剧,让我们拭目以待。

Highlights of the DB2 Viper 2 Release

  • Increased integration between relational and XML functionality allowing for easy development and XML publishing of relational data
  • Greater knowledge and control of your systems with integrated workload management
  • Hand’s off fail over with automated and easy to use high availability
  • Greater flexibility and granularity in security, auditing & access control
  • Simplified memory management and increased customization capabilities

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