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"DBA Central" zone on developerWorks DB2

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developerWorks is IBM's resource for the technical community, with articles, tutorials, webcasts, downloads, and links to a wealth of technical information both about IBM products and about technology issues. The emphasis has been on the "developer" community, but now the developerWorks DB2 site has a zone focused on the needs and requirements of the DBA, "DBA Central".

You'll find links to resources especially useful to the DBA, such as fixes, product support pages, and the documentation that you need most often. The certification tutorials are there too, plus articles that cover many issues of interest to DBAs, such as installation, migration, monitoring, security, problem solving, high availability, and more. Many articles come from authors with the "inside track" from DB2 development and support, and others from the external DBA community. If you're looking for a DBA community, there are links to forums and blogs too.

Check it out and bookmark it today:

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