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Interview English 1

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Interview English 1



Q1:Tell me something about your eduction backound.

Q2:What is your eduction background?

Q3:What university did you gradate from?

Q4:What's your major?

Q5:What did you specialize in?

Q6:Have you received any degree?

A1:I graduated from Peking University.
   graduated from 从....学校毕业的
   I attenden... 没有得到正式的文凭
   I attenden New Oriental School for its spoken English course in 2003.
A2:I'm a law/accounting/mathematic major.
   I minored in finance / computer science.
A3:I have a BA/BS/BBA/MBA/MS/MA/PHD degree inChinese literature/computer science/finance.
A4:I received my BA degree from Tianjin University in 1999.

A5:I finished primary school in 1990,and went to middle school that September.I graduated from high school
   in July 1996, after which i entered Shanghai University of Foreign Studies.
2.About honor,award and activites

1)I won the university scholarship for three academic years.

2)I won second prize in the English Speech Contest of our university in 2001.

3)I've received the honor of the most outstanding student in 2000.

4)I served in the schools basketball team/as monitor for class.
  I served in the army.
  served :服役
  He's in the serves.

Q1:Do you any hobbies?
   比如说喜欢读书:I love reading

3.About Experience

Q1:Have you got any experience in management?

A1:I'm afraid not.I've just graduated from colldge.Though i have no experience in this field,
I'm willing to learn.
A2:I worked as an interpreter in a foreign trade company for 3 years.

A3:I am currently with a state-owned enterprise.
   I am currently with.... 目前在哪里工作
A4:I'm a administrative assistant with a joint venture company.
   administrative assistant===secetary(在美国已经不说了)
A5:I'm in charge of the personal department.

Q2:Are you currently employed?

   I'm currently unemployed.
   I'm recently laid off.(下岗,失业)
A2:I am currently between jobs.

A3:I'm currently job hunting.

4.Reasons for quitting and application

A1:I quite due to the expiry of my employment contract.

A2:I didn't like the working environment there and there was little opportunity for advancement.

A3:I'd like to work in a company that gives me more room for personal growth.

A4:I'd like a career that's more dynamic and challenging.

A5:I'd love have an opportunity to further develop my abilities.

Q2:Why did you required my company?

A1:Your is a famous company with excellent management.If i have an opportunity to work in such a company,I believe I'll
be able to fully develop my abilities and obtain wider experience,and at the same time,make valuable contributions to the company.

5.What do you know about our company?


A1:Yours is a multi-national corportation mainly engaged in manufacturing electronic products,
   with its headquarters in the USA.You entered China's market 5 yesrs ago and your products made in
   China are enjoying good market shares both at home and abroad.

6.About qualification

A1:I was specially trained for this kind of job.

A2:For the past four years,I've been working as office director for a joint-venture.

A3:I've had many years of experience in customer service.

A4.I have the educational background and relevant experience required for the job.

A5.Since my past work experience is closely related to this job.
   I'm confident i can do this job well.
A6.I know a lot about how  north China's market works and how business is done there.

A7.Besides Mandarin,mymother tongue , I can also speak English,Japanese and Cantonese.

A8.I have been holding a driver's license since 1999.

A9.I've got a certificate of CET band 6.

A10.I'm energetic and decisive . I always manage to have things done on time.

A1:I maybe kind of shy around people.But I'm working on it by creating myself
    more opportunities to social.

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