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QA and Testing Interview Questions

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When interviewing for a QA or Testing position, it's important to be honest.

Hiring managers want to know what you know, what you can do, and what you are like. And nobody wants to hire a liar.

As a hiring manager, I can tell if you are stretching the truth - particularly if you are just repeating simple definitions to complex concepts.

If you are asked about QA or Testing terms that aren't familar to you, tell the interviewer that you haven't heard of those terms, then ask what they mean. Since terms in this field are very company-specific, you may already know the concept, but just haven't heard the term before.

If you are asked about a tool that you haven't used before, tell the interviewer that you haven't used it. Sometimes, you can point out other, similar tools that you have used. Usually, if you are capable of learning one tool, you are capable of learning many. And if you are good enough otherwise, many companies will hire you and train you on their tool of choice.

That said, some people posting at (where I help moderate) constantly ask about interview questions. There, moderators are discouraged from answering such questions, and discourage others from doing so.

Here are some links which may help those who find value in such things. I will not vouch for the accuracy of any of the answers, nor that any of the questions make sense.

But if you asked for help with interview questions, I sincerely hope this gives you what you are seeking. Good luck on your interview!


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