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Visual SourceSafe Frequently Asked Questions

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Visual SourceSafe Frequently Asked Questions[@more@]

Visual SourceSafe Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

General: 4

1.    Where can I find a list of known bugs in VSS?. 4

2.    What was fixed by Service Pack 3 for Visual Studio?. 4

3.    Is VSS Y2K compliant?. 4

4.    VSS System Capacities -- database/file sizes, number of users?. 4

5.    VSS performance is extremely slow. 4

6.    How can I put revision history information in the source files each time I check in a file?. 4

7.    What are the tips for getting keyword expansion working?. 4

8.    Are there any third party articles which compare VSS with other source code control products?. 5

9.    Microsoft VSS Best Practices. 5

Administration: 5

10.      How can I access VSS from a remote site over the Internet directly of via a web portal?. 5

11.      How do I convert my PVCS archive to VSS?. 5

12.      How do I get all users out of VSS in order to perform a backup?. 5

13.      How can I lock and unlock the VSS database prior to running Analyze or backing up the database. 5

14.      How can I tell which files in the database correspond to files in my project?. 5

15.      What’s Analyze?. 6

16.      Is there some way to get a list of errors from Analyze?. 6

17.      How can I move a database or create a new one?. 6

18.      How can I backup a database?. 6

19.      How can I archive old projects or old versions of current projects?. 6

20.      Is VSS 5.0 compatible with a 4.0 database? Do I have to upgrade all users to the new version? What about 6.0?  6

21.      Does VSS 6.0 support NT's built-in security?. 7

22.      How do I get deleted files (not permanently deleted)?. 7

23.      How do I rename a label?. 7

24.      How do I recover from a lost administration password?. 7

25.      How to require check-in comments?. 7

26.      How can I automate database maintenance routines?. 7

Integration with other products: 7

27.      The integration isn’t working between VSS and VB/VC. What can I do?. 7


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