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In your opinion with 6 sentences

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1. There are some good reasons for...
There are two reasons for the improvement in people's living conditions. In the first place, we have been carrying out the reform and opening-up policy. Secondly, there has been a rapid expansion of our national economy. Furthermore, the birth rate has been put under control.


2. My suggestions to deal with the problem are as follows. In the first place, ... Secondly, ... Finally, ...
My suggestions to deal with the problem are as follows. In the first place, it is urgent to create nature reserves. Secondly, certain rare wild animals that are going to be extinct should be collected, fed and reproduced artificially. Finally, those who hunt them must be punished severely.

3. It is important (necessary, urgent, difficult, easy, expensive, desirable, advisable, convenient, comfortable) for sb. to do sth.
It is desirable to build more hospitals, shopping centers, recreation centers, cinemas and other public facilities to meet the growing needs of people.

4. As a popular saying goes "Everything has two sides."
As a popular saying goes, "Everything has two sides." Now people are benefiting more and more from scientific and technological inventions. On the other hand, the progress of science and technology is bringing us a lot of trouble. People in many countries are suffering from public hazards.

5. For example
Let's take cars for example. They not only pollute the air in cities, but make them crowded. Furthermore, they cause a lot of traffic accidents. The noise made by cars disturbs the residents living on both sides of streets all day and night.

6. It is generally believed that... accepted
It is generally believed that the chief reason for the increase in population in developed countries is not so much the rise in birth rates as the decline in death rates as a result of the improvement in medical care.

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