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What is 4C?

This is a question for you if you're gonna be a supervisor or you have been in a management position.Maybe you have lots of understanding about how to be a good manager, but 4C could be a basic skill for you to grasp and keep it in mind.


4C = Clarity+Competence+Commitment+Control

Clarity:Clear and easy to understand - tasks,objectives and results,responsibilities and performance expected.Communicate with subordinates to clarity tasks.
Competence:The employee responsible for the task has the right competence to achieve expected results.Coach subordinates to ensure they are competent to achieve results.
Commitment:The employee responsible for the task is committed to archieve and accountable for the results.Inspire subordinate's commitment to achieve results.
Control:Performance review,rectify possible deviation, and achieve the expected target.Control the processes which facilitate to achieving results

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