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Taught Oracle database OCP training course

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I taught two days Oracle database OCP training courses last weekend with good performance my students told me that. The Oracle database training is a practical course for learner to do a lot of scenerios and understand the theory of Oracle database, so do not make your goal with obtaining the OCP certificate only. It's very important for you to get not only experience on how to manage and maintain Oracle database, but also learn Oracle from Oracle, because Oracle database has huge places for you to learn and research.


But some students think that the only reason they come to training center is to get the OCP certificate, this thought is pretty wrong and they don't realize what does the enterprise want.

Anyway,having an IT certificate is better than nothing, probably it's right.

And I found that the URL of Oracle OCM webpage has changed recently and the following webpage is mine:

but I missed the original URL of mine which is cool:

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