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How to be a professional IT guy

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Recently when we reviewed the result of IT SLA, we found the comments regarding to IT services:
Sometimes, our XX printer had problem, we have tried to solve it by ourself first, but failed. You know, we are not the professional person. So, we called IT colleague, but sometimes, he said, why it happed again? What do you do with it? Have you checked it by yourself? Or he said, I am busy, I will solve it when I have time (until we called him second time he was not come and solve the problem)

Even he said: I don't know how to solve, I will call suppler to solve it tomorrow (I told him we are urgent to print out the shipping docs to arrange shipment)
I wish IT could improve on this!


Obviously, many cases like this comment discribed happen anywhere&anytime. According to the comments, we understand that the response from IT is not so good and this kind of IT guy is also not so professional.Don't forget to escalate the problem to your supervisor if you can not resolve and don't wait to get support from other resources. Moreover, we should show our professional when we talk to end user, never to say "NON'T KNOW". It's necessary for all IT guys to study ITIL knowledge.

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