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Vmware Consolidating snapshots删除问题

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环境:Vmware ESX 4.0 .0, 208167,Vmware Virtual Center 4.0

VMware ESX 4.0 Update-1 or earlier

Cloning the affected virtual machine or specific virtual disk to another location preserves the original files, and consolidates the disk's snapshot delta information with a copy of the base disk into the new virtual machine disk.
Outright snapshot removal or consolidation is an irreversible process. This process is possible from the VMware vSphere and Infrastructure Client, as well as through the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA), vSphere CLI, Power CLI, SDK/APIs, and the ESX host terminal.
Note: Virtual machine clones are possible through a client connection to VMware vCenter and VirtualCenter. If you do not have either of these products, virtual machine cloning is not available. You may, however, still clone and consolidate individual virtual machine disks.

Solution Prerequisites

  • Review the virtual machine's configuration and identify the locations and filenames of the attached virtual disks.
  • Verify what specific delta virtual disk(s) the virtual machine is referencing. You can determine this either by reviewing the virtual machine hardware configuration, highlighting a virtual disk, and noting each disk's file name, or you can review the virtual machine's configuration ( .vmx) file.
  • Also note the size of each virtual machine hard disk (specifically the base disk files). Destination clones will be of these determined sizes.
  • Cloning of virtual disks may be required as part of your effort towards consolidation and reclaiming of space. Verify that you have enough space on one or more datastores to receive a consolidated clone of the virtual machine in entirety or in part (a virtual disk).
  • Perform. a sanity check of the virtual machine disk tree, verifying Content ID (CID) values between multiple snapshot delta disk files, and other virtual machine disk descriptor values. For more important information on this topic, see: Resolving "The parent virtual disk has been modified since the child was created" CID mismatch errors (1007969).
  • Conduct a review of datastore space consumption and assess what datastores disk or virtual machine clones can be saved to, as part of a consolidation effort.


These solutions ensure that the original disk files are not modified. The consolidated clone can be reviewed before making a decision to allow the clone copy to take over services for the affected virtual machine.
  1. Clone the virtual machine by using the VMware vSphere or Infrastructure Client. See: Cloning Virtual Machines in VMware vCenter and VirtualCenter (1027865).
  2. Clone individual virtual machine disks using the vMA or vCLI. See: Cloning Individual Virtual Machine Disks via vMA and vCLI (1027872).
  3. Clone individual virtual machine disks using the terminal. See: Cloning individual virtual machine disks via the VMware ESX host terminal (1027876).

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