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Objectives of the Relational Model

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  1. To provide a high degree of data independence.
  2. To provide a community view of the data of spartan(严格的) simplicity, so that a wide variety of users in an enterrprise, ranging from the most computer-naive to the most computer-sophiscated, can interact with a common model(while not prohibiting superimposed user views for specialized purposes).
  3. To simplify the potentially formidable(困难的) job of the DBA.
  4. To introduce a theoretical foundation (albeit(虽然) modest) into database management(a field sadly lacking in solid principle and guidelines).
  5. To merge the fact-retrieval and file-management fields in preparation for the addition at a later time of inferential(推论的) services in the commercial world.
  6. To lift database application programming to a new level - a level in which sets (and more specifically relations) are treated as operands instead of being processed element by element.

内容摘自C. J. Date的书Database In Depth, 其引用的是E. F. Codd 1974年的文章--Recent Investigation into Relational Data Base Systems中的内容。

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