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TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers) ,The most popular of all the PL/SQL IDEs, TOAD is famous for its tabbed browser and "Swiss Army Knife" approach. Available in both commercial and freeware versions.

SQL Navigator,Also from Quest, this IDE has been around a long time—and it shows in the depth of its
support for PL/SQL and Java programming in the database.

PL/SQL Developer ttp://,A fine and relatively inexpensive entry from the Netherlands, PL/SQL Developer offers a large number of features in a very nicely designed package. It also allows third-party developers to provide plug-ins to extend the base product's functionality.

TOra (Toolkit for Oracle) ,This toolkit includes a browser, PL/SQL editor, and debugger for Linux or Microsoft
Windows. TOra is available in open source and commercial forms.

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