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Top Reasons Why Oracle Delivers More Value than VMware

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Top Reasons Why Oracle Delivers More Value than VMware

Reason Oracle VMware Resources
1. Application-Driven
  • Oracle offers a complete applications-to-disk stack, and virtualization is fully integrated across all layers
  • Oracle's virtualization solutions are aware of what’s running inside the virtual machine and can provision and manage applications, middleware, and databases
  • VMware's virtualization/ hypervisor has no awareness of the database, middleware, and applications running inside it
2. Lower Cost
  • Unlike VMware, Oracle VM is free to download, use, and distribute
  • Affordable support fees
  • Simple licensing
  • High cost of ownership
  • Very high license, support, and management costs
  • Complex licensing
3. Scalability
  • Oracle VM 3.0 is 4 Times More Scalable than VMware with support for 128 vCPUs per guest VM
  • VMware vSphere 5 only supports 32 vCPUs per guest VM
4. Integrated Management
  • Full stack management
  • Manages the hypervisor, physical server, and the applications running in it
  • Multiple vendor tools needed for managing the hypervisor and what’s running inside it
5. Accelerating Application Deployment
  • Oracle VM Templates offer pre-installed, pre-configured virtual machines of enterprise software including CRM, ERP, clustering, and management, enabling you to deploy in minutes and hours as opposed to days and weeks
  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder makes it easier to package multi-tier applications and then deploy them with the click of a button
  • Best practices for accelerating deployment of complete virtual infrastructure via Oracle VM Reference Configurations
  • Virtual appliances are via a community marketplace, not vendor supported
6. High Availability
  • Oracle offers high availability for the entire stack—not just the hypervisor level
  • Oracle views clustering and virtualization as complementary technologies
  • Oracle VM customers can achieve additional high availability from using Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC)
  • High availability is only at the hypervisor level; VMware is completely unaware of application crashes
7. Architected for Efficiency
  • Architected for low overhead when moving from physical to virtual servers
  • Aggressive testing with real Oracle Database and application workloads
  • Oracle has a single engineering team for Linux and Oracle VM, leading to better optimization between Xen and Linux
  • Architecture is prone to inefficiency
8. Integrated Support
  • One call to Oracle; no finger pointing at another vendor
  • Full stack is certified and supported
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Need to deal with numerous vendors for the complete stack and management
See what customers are saying about the value of integrated support:
9. Virtualization Built into the System
  • In addition to Oracle VM, Oracle offers virtualization built into its hardware and the Oracle Solaris operating system
  • Oracle Solaris Containers and Oracle VM for SPARC allows multiple applications to be run on a single system
  • Dynamic Domains are included in SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers, enabling greater hardware utilization and providing a high level of isolation from other domains
  • Only offers x86 virtualization
10. Comprehensive Platform. Support
  • Oracle VM is available for both x86 and SPARC architectures
  • Only x86 platform. is supported

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