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And NoSQL is just one idea supported by cloud computing and it's
not the only solution created because of cloud computing. There are many out
there. If an architect is smart enough, the data integrit

there you go, now you are speaking sensible. change nosql to rdbms and you'll be just as accurate. And you are getting the point.

If an architect is smart enough, the data integrity should not be a

Ok, now you just lost points. That was the dumbest thing you could have said - ever. Now I know you are not an architect - you are not very well experienced in many types of systems. Can google afford to lose a penny or two here or there? Perhaps. But perhaps you have never worked on a banking solution - or anything that requires actual accuracy. That is possible too.

And we can and do beat that computing power. Things like financial institutions actually require the equivalent of a two phase commit when moving a kabillion dollars from a to b. We are not talking micro-cents - we are talking money. We are talking "your employee review". We are talking "your paycheck". We are talking "your confirmed reservation for your honeymoon", we are talking 'anything that you sort of really count on actually happening". We are not talking about 0.001 cents for a clickthru - where no one gets hurt if it didn't happen. We are talking about your blood test that had to happen before your surgery.

We are not indifferent to it, we are just cognizant of the fact that our strengths are things that are not only going away - but will be more and more valued as everything becomes digital.

Oh - by the way - so sorry, we lost your birth certificate, apparently you never really were born - that is so bad that you cannot collect social security or receive medical benefits yada yada yada. But on the bright side - you can complain ad-nauseum on face book - they'll keep most of your complaints I'm sure. (not really - but only because a health care system would actually use transactions and such to preserve the data...)

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