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startup mount与startup restrict mount有何区别

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Restricting Access to a Database at Startup
You can start an instance and mount and open a database in restricted mode so that the database is available only to administrative personnel (not general database users). Use this mode of database startup when you need to accomplish one of the following tasks:

perform structure maintenance, such as rebuilding indexes

perform an export or import of database data

perform a data load (with SQL*Loader)

temporarily prevent typical users from using data

Typically, all users with the CREATE SESSION system privilege can connect to an open database. Opening a database in restricted mode allows database access only to users with both the CREATE SESSION and RESTRICTED SESSION system privilege; only database administrators should have the RESTRICTED SESSION system privilege.

Start an instance (and, optionally, mount and open the database) in restricted mode by using the STARTUP command with the RESTRICT option:


Later, use the ALTER SYSTEM statement to disable the RESTRICTED SESSION feature.

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