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oracle expert one on one (chm ebook)

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What this Book is About

One of the problems with having plenty of development options is in trying to figure out which one might be the best choice for your particular needs. Everyone wants as much flexibility as possible (as many choices as they can possibly have) but they also want things to be very cut and dry; in other words, easy. Oracle presents the developer with almost unlimited choice. No one ever says 'you can't do that in Oracle'- they say 'how many different ways would you like to do that in Oracle?' I hope that this book will help you make the correct choice.

It is a book for those people who appreciate the choice but would also like some guidelines and practical implementation details on Oracle features and functions. For example, Oracle has a really neat feature called the virtual private database. Oracle documentation tells you how to use this feature and what it does. Oracle documentation does not, however, tell you when you should use this feature and, perhaps even more importantly, when you should not use this feature. It does not always tell you the implementation details of this feature, and if you're not aware of them, this can really come back to haunt you (I'm not referring to bugs, but really the way it is supposed to work and what the feature was really designed to do).

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