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Troubleshoot an ORA-7445 Error Using the ORA-7445 Lookup Tool

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主题: Troubleshoot an ORA-7445 Error Using the ORA-7445 Lookup Tool
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ORA-7445 Search

For background information on ORA-7445 and ORA-602 errors please read <>.

Search Failing Function

On most platforms the failing function can be identified by the error message in the alert.log. The error might look like this:
  ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kkehbs()+44] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object]
in which case the failing function is "kkehbs". But on some platforms you will have to look in the tracefile for the "Call Stack Trace" and locate the first function that is not part of the error handling routines (see <> for details). If the failing function is known either from the message reported in the alert.log or by looking at the call stack trace you can use the following to search for similar issues: Enter failing function:

Search Stack Trace

If the failing function is not obvious or if using the search above does not return any useful hits, you might want to paste the first 15-20 lines of the call stack trace into the field below and then do another search (on some platforms such as pre-9.2 on Solaris 64-bit you might need to copy more lines - eg. 50 - due to the formatting of the stack). Hint: If no hits are found try to gradually remove lines from the bottom of the call stack and resubmit the search.
To locate the call stack trace in the tracefile generated by the ORA-7445 error look for the text:
----- Call Stack Trace -----
which marks the beginning of the section of interest. Call Stack Trace:

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