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ORA-01691: Unable to Extend LOB Segment TESTARCH.SYS_LOB#$

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ORA-01691: Unable to Extend LOB Segment TESTARCH.SYS_LOB#$ 

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主题: ORA-01691: Unable to Extend LOB Segment TESTARCH.SYS_LOB#$
创建日期: 12-MAY-1999
上次修订日期: 29-AUG-2002
Problem Description: 


You are attempting to insert or import data into a table containing

LOBs and get the following error:

ORA-01691: unable to extend lob segment TESTARCH.SYS_LOB#$ by X in tablespace


Cause: Failed to allocate an extent for lob segment in tablespace.

Action: Use ALTER TABLESPACE ADD DATAFILE statement to add one or more

files to the tablespace indicated.

Problem Explanation:


The LOB segment associated with the target table has reached hit

a limit or run out of sufficiently large chunks of contigous space.

Search Words:


loc clob import

Solution Description:


Assuming you had the following error:

ORA-1691: unable to extend lob segment TESTARCH.SYS_LOB0000004289C00007$

by 25600 in tablespace TEST

You would issue the following query:

select segment_type, bytes, extents,

initial_extent, next_extent, max_extents

from dba_segments

where segment_name = 'SYS_LOB0000004289C00007$';

and extract the values for EXTENTS, NEXT_EXTENT, and MAX_EXTENTS from the

resulting record. Assuming these value were:

extents = 452

next_extent = 52428800

amx_extents = 999

You would then issue the following statement to determine if sufficient

space was available to extend the LOB segment:

select bytes

from dba_free_space

where tablespace_name = 'TEST'

order by bytes desc;

If there was no contiguous block large enough to allocate the next extent,

you could try the following:

alter tablespace test coalesce

and subsequently rerun the above query. If there was still not enough space,

you would need to add a datafile to the TEST tablespace to allow the import

to complete.

Note that you would need to specify ignore=y in the import options to avoid

failing on the primary key constraint.

Solution Explanation:


This error should be handled no differently from other errors indicating the

inability to extend a database segment. Initial confusion may occur given the

unique nature of LOB storage.

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