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How to Trace bind variable values

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Tracing bind variable values


The ORA-07445 error should have generated a trace file in the user_dump_dest directory, max_dump_file_size permitting. Towards the end of the file you should find a cursor dump including the bind variable values. Failing that you can explicitly request a processstate dump on future 7445 errors with

    event = "7445 trace name processstate level 2" 
in the init.ora file, or with
    alter system set events '7445 trace name processstate level 2'; 
In general its also possible to use event 10046 at level 4 to trace bind variable values, but setting that globally would just fill up your udump directory.

Is there any workaround to get the value of bind variable when some error occurs as I'm using cursor_sharing = FORCE in Oracle and getting some problem (ORA-7445) while inserting a record into one of the table and it's not possible for me to get the value as it's a world wide used application and the oracle generated trace file give the bind variable not the value. Basically I have to reproduce the same scenario that's why I need the value of bind variable.

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