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EBS应用克隆sqlplus : error While Loading Shared Libraries:

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源系统:  AIX 6.1  , Oracle ,  RAC ,两节点, EBS R12.1.3  , 应用单节点
目标系统:  Red Hat Linux 6.2  , Oracle ,  RAC ,八节点,  EBS R12.1.3 , 应用四节点 

使用 rman convert , 传输表空间迁移数据库后, 克隆EBS R12 应用的时候碰到错误:

sqlplus : error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file .

Metalink 解决方法:
Cloning EBS from Linux 4 to Linux 5 Fails: "Error While Loading Shared Libraries:" (文档 ID 736410.1)  

Differences between the packages requirements in Linux 4 and Linux 5.
Different packages are required in each OS, that causes the clone to fail since the target
environment doesn't have the same packages as in the source. Also, the package which deliveries in the target is not installed.

To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
1. Install 32-bit (ppc) and 64-bit (ppc64) glibc-devel packages in the target, Linux 5, environment.
2. Re-run the clone.

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