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EBS 使用adphmigr.pl导出导入patch history

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EBS R12.1.2

当初在做 EBS R12.1.2 升级到 R12.1.3 的时候, ORACLE 顾问曾经提到导出patch history , 然后导入到某个
staged system 中,而不用重新打patch , 不知道是不是这样理解 ? 具体命令哪位用过 ? 

After the patches are applied to the staged system, and the production system is updated, you must export applied patches information from the staged system and import it to the production system. This ensures that theOAM patch history database in the production system is up-to-date and that you cancontinue to use patch-related features.

yes. u can use "staged system" to reduce the time to do patch. but u still need time to do the database portion of the patch.

only the copy and generation part can be saved. i.e done at first in staged system , and then copy the appl_top to prod. and update the prod db by running the adpatch using nocopyportion,nogenerateportion.

to export the patch history from staged sytem, use the tool   $AD_TOP/bin/

可以使用    $AD_TOP/bin/  命令来导出patch history ,  可以打开 文件看看它的描述, 这个perl程序是migrate patch history information between staged and production APPL_TOP .   (Functionally partially replace FNDLOAD) .   具体的步骤比这个稍显复杂,可以参考 ID 734025.1 。  是  ad patch history migrate 的缩写。

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