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EBS - Low-level Diagnostic Logging is turned on

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 The following message appears after logging in to Oracle E-Business Suite:
"Low-level Diagnostic Logging is turned on. This may temporarily reduce performance"
How can this be disabled / turned off?

Disable diagnostic logging with the following steps:
1. Login as a user with System Administrator responsibility and then navigate to:  Profile > System.
 Set the following profile option at the User level:
FND: Debug Log Enabled = No
2. Logout of the application. You may also want to clear the browser's cache.
3. Login again and confirm that the message no longer appears.
4. If the problem still exists, review the following Note:
Document 422419.1 R12 - How To Enable and Collect Debug for HTTP, OC4J and OPMN
Remove any debugging that may be enabled.  Bounce your services for changes to take effect.

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