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关闭Concurrent Mananger或Server Crash后还是运行状态的Concurrent Request如何处理

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Concurrent Requests Stuck in Running Status After Server Crashed [ID 152763.1] 

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•fact: Oracle Application Object Library
•symptom: Concurrent requests stuck in Running status
•change: Server crashed
•cause: Either the server crashed or the concurrent manager was shutdown
while concurrent requests were running.    Thus the phase_code column of the
FND_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS table still holds a value of 'R' for Running.



1.  First, run the cmclean.sql script. found in Metalink Note:134007.1.

2.   If this doesn't resolve the issue, then Shut down the concurrent managers
then check for any FNDLIBR processes running at the OS level.   There should
not be any.  If there are FNDLIBR processes, then kill them at the OS level.
If this doesn't resolve the issue then ...

3.  try the following SQL update command after making a note of the request ID
number of the problem concurrent requests:
SQL> update fnd_concurrent_requests
set set status_code='X', phase_code = 'C'
where request_id = ;

或者直接登入EBS系统在concurrent mananger 的界面中查找对应的request ID , 一个一个设置为cancel .


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