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EBS adpatch options

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You can execute adpatch by logging in as the applications OS user and sourcing the appropriate environment file.
#su – applmgr
 $. ./APPSORA.env
By default adpatch does not take any clause, but there are some clauses that you could use with adpatch
Running a patch in test mode
 You can use the apply clause with adpatch to specify weather to run the patch in TEST mode or not, when you run the patch in  test mode it does not do any changes but runs generates a log fiule with all the actions it would have performed.
$adpatch apply=n|y
 The default is apply=y
Pre-install Mode
 You can also run a patch in pre install mode, this would be done normally during an upgrade or consolidated update. When a patch is applied in a preinstall mode the all the AD utilities are updated before the upgrade or update.
$adpatch preinstall=y
 The default is preinstall=n
Other Options with adpatch
 You can use the options clause to specify some of the other options available with adpatch.
 You can use the ptions=noautoconfig top specify autopatch that you do not wish to run autoconfig as a part of the patch  application. This can be useful when applying a large number of patches when they are not merged. By default autoconfig is run  as a part of adpatch.
$adpatch ptions=noautoconfig Checkfile
 The chekfile option of adpatch tells adpathc to check for already executed exec, SQL, and exectier commands.You can use  ptions=nocheckfile skips this check, however this can cause performance overheds so should be used only when specified.
$adpatch ptions=nocheckfile

Compile Database
 By defaulty autopatch compiles the invalid objects after the patch application, in case you wish not to do so you can specify  ptions=nocompiledb along with autopatch.
$adpatch ptions=nocompiledb

Compile JSP
 By defaulty autopatch compiles the java server pages (jsp) after the patch application, in case you wish not to do so you can specify ptions=nocompilejsp along with autopatch.
$adpatch ptions=nocompilejsp 


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