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Oracle EBS AD Merge Patch

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Part of the doc extract:

Running AD Merge Patch
AD Merge Patch is located in AD_TOP/bin. However, you run it from the parent directory of the source directory.
1. Set the environment.
You must set the environment to indicate the location of the configuration
parameters that define your system. This task is common to many AD utilities. See
Setting the Environment in Chapter 1.
2. Run AD Merge Patch.
From the directory, run AD Merge patch as follows:
admrgpch -s -d \
-merge_name [-manifest ]
For example, if you have four patches called 1234561, 1234562, 1234563, and
1234564 located in the source directory /d01/patch_merge/source, and the
destination directory is /d01/patch_merge/destination. To create a merged patch
named "merge99", you would use the following commands:
$ cd /d01/patch_merge
$ admrgpch -s /d01/patch_merge/source -d /d01/patch_merge/destination \
-merge_name merge99
C:\> cd \d01\patch_merge
C:\> admrgpch -s d:\patch_merge\

Oracle® Applications Maintenance Utilities Release 11i (

Part No. B19300-01

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