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异构数据库系统迁移到Oracle 工具 - Oracle SQL Developer

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Once downloaded you need to expand the driver binary jar file to a location on your machine. The driver binary jar file is typically a separate jar file located inside the downloaded archive file. Once you have extracted the relevant jar file to your disk, you need to configure SQL Developer to tell it where this driver resides:

  1. In SQL Developer choose Tools -> Preferences...
  2. Expand the "Database" option in the left hand tree
  3. Click on "Third Party JDBC Drivers"
  4. Click on "Add Entry..."
  5. Navigate to your third-party driver jar file and choose OK




. Copy to Oracle

Oracle SQL Developer 3.0 introduces a Copy to Oracle option that allows users to copy tables and data from a third-party database to Oracle without the need of a migration repository. This quick migrate option is very useful for quickly copying a few tables to Oracle and requires no additional setup. This feature is only available for copying tables and the data; use the Migration Wizard if you are migrating more than that.

To use Copy to Oracle, select the third-party connection created in 2. Adding a Third Party Connection above. This invokes a connection dialog that enables you to select the Oracle connection where you want to copy the table(s) and click Apply.



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