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ASM Normal需要3个disk ?

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Linux AS 5.3  64bit,   Oracle  

看11g 的文档, 写的ASM redundant 有external , normal , high 三种,分别是1,2,3个冗余,在虚拟机器
上测试,的确是选择normal disk group , 需要两个磁盘, 但是在实体storage安装11g RAC的时候, 发现选择
Normal ASM disk group 的时候, 需要点选 3 个disk 才能通过, 选择两个会报错, 报错信息如下图:

看文档的解释,貌似11.2 开始, Normal 需要3个,High 需要5个。

Starting with Oracle 11g Release 2, Oracle Universal Installer checks minimum number of ASM disks for ASM disk group to store Voting and OCR disk. so if you are choosing normal redundancy then you have to select minimum three disks OR create your ASM disk group with External redundancy. If you want to use Normal redundancy then you should have at least three ASM disks.
So there is nothing wrong with your installation process and this issue is not related to Suse or I would say it is not an issue at all.

Harish Kumar


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