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Understanding and Diagnosing ORA-00600 [12333] Errors [ID 389713.1]

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Understanding and Diagnosing ORA-00600 [12333] Errors [ID 389713.1]
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Applies to:
Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: to - Release: 8.1.7 to 11.1
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Oracle Server Enterprise Edition - Version: to

This article will discuss the common causes and troubleshooting tips for ORA-00600 [12333] error.

ORA-00600 [12333] can occur with three additional numeric values when a request is being received from a

network packet and the request code in the packet is not recognized.
Last Review Date
November 03, 2006
Instructions for the Reader
A Troubleshooting Guide is provided to assist in debugging a specific issue. When possible, diagnostic tools

are included in the document to assist in troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting Details

For any ONE-TIME occurrence we can safely ignore the error. This error does not relate to any potential data

corruption or any data loss. Check Note:35928.1 for known issues and two basic usages of OERI(12333):

    * Usage with 3 additional numeric values
    * Usage with 4 additional values ... new since 8.0.X

 In case the errors are seen consistently and no known issues matches to your issue then do the following

Common Causes & Solutions:

1.  Check the client software version. An incompatible client software can cause such internal error. The

following note explains the supported combinations of clients for a particular RDBMS Server release.
Note:207303.1 Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between Different Oracle Versions

2. An incompatible NLS Client setting can also trigger such internal errors. Check the NLS settings as

explained in the following note.
Note:77442.1 ORA_NLS (ORA_NLS32, ORA_NLS33, ORA_NLS10) Environment Variables explained

3. Try to reproduce the issue from a different client machine, preferably from server. This will rule out

the possibility of bad network. If the execution fails from a particular client then it could be due to the

bad network from that client to server.

4. If error still continues , then do the following to understand from where the error is generated.

    *  We need to understand which session/program/application that triggers this issue. This shall be found

from the trace files under the session state object '(session)'. Sometimes the ORA-00600 [12333] trace files

will not capture the session information.  In such cases we can check with the end users about any issues

around the time-frame. of this internal error.
    * There is a HIGH chance for application run-time exception to lead to this ORA-00600 [12333]. Due to

the unhandled exceptions there is a chance for incomplete information passed to the server hence the

internal errors are raised. In such cases, handling those exceptions (or) addressing those errors on the

application code will resolve the issue.
    *  In few cases, the problem application will work for a while before it terminates with the error. This

could be due to the TIMEOUT settings at the Application Server (or) Forms Server.,etc. To resolve this

either tune the failing application to complete within the TIMEOUT value (or) reset the TIMEOUT to an

optimal value.
    * There could be more possibilities here; in simple words the approach should be from application side,

which would help us to understand the other issues that triggered this network interruption (ORA-00600


5. If you notice JDBC Client as the failing program under Session state object, please check and ensure that

you use latest compatible version of JDBC Drivers in your application side. You can refer to Note:430839.1

to verify the version of JDBC Drivers and for Installation steps.

6. In-case if all the above suggestions does not help to identify the cause, and the ORA-00600 [12333]

persists we may need to enable the networking tracings from the problem client and need to review the

network traces to understand where the problem occurs. See Note:219968.1 Title: SQL*Net, Net8, Oracle Net

Services - Tracing and Logging at a Glance

NOTE:207303.1 - Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between Different Oracle Versions
NOTE:219968.1 - SQL*Net & Oracle Net Services - Tracing and Logging at a Glance
NOTE:35928.1 - ORA-600 [12333] "Fatal Two-Task Protocol Violation"
NOTE:430839.1 - Providing a JDBC Testcase to Oracle Support
NOTE:77442.1 - ORA_NLS (ORA_NLS32, ORA_NLS33, ORA_NLS10) Environment Variables explained.

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ORA-600[12333]; ORA-600[12333]

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