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(图)Shared-Nothing(MSCS Cluster) 是如何实现两个逻辑数据盘数据同步的 ?

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见下图,描述的是Shared-Nothing MSCS Cluster  , 既然是Shared-Nothing , 那么与Oracle RAC 的Shared Disk 应该是有本质上区别的,关键是在共享磁盘段 。  

那么MSCS 中两个节点分别访问他们的逻辑盘,它们的数据是如何同步的? 需要同步吗 ?   逻辑盘 cabinet A 与 cabinet B中数据是一样的吗 ?  当SERVER A fail 的时候, B 如何作业, 也需要连接到cabinet A 吗 ?  

    In this picture, Shared nothing Architecture, the only difference is storage area. MSCS, SQL Server Cluster uses this architecture.
See the storage. They are separated two parts. They are logically partitioned not physically separated.
       In this architecture, each node can access the partition assigned for each node. In this picture, Disk cabinet A and B is not a separated storage box but logically partitioned. Server A can access only Disk cabinet A, and Server B can access only Disk cabinet B.
        In this architecture, Virtual Server IP mechanism is used for client. Client always connect to Virtual Server that should be available all the time, because it’s virtual server. So, they can’t die. But the reality is, at first, Virtual Server is mapped to Server A internally , and if something happened in Server A, then Server B takes over the control. So Virtual Server is now connect to Server B internally. But client doesn’t know what’s happened.


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