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CRS -- crsctl & srvctl

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      crsctl check  crs          - checks the viability of the CRS stack
       crsctl check  cssd         - checks the viability of CSS
       crsctl check  crsd         - checks the viability of CRS
       crsctl check  evmd         - checks the viability of EVM
       crsctl set    css - sets a parameter override
       crsctl get    css - gets the value of a CSS parameter
       crsctl unset  css - sets CSS parameter to its default
       crsctl query  css votedisk    - lists the voting disks used by CSS
       crsctl add    css votedisk - adds a new voting disk
       crsctl delete css votedisk - removes a voting disk
       crsctl enable  crs    - enables startup for all CRS daemons
       crsctl disable crs    - disables startup for all CRS daemons
       crsctl start crs  - starts all CRS daemons.
       crsctl stop  crs  - stops all CRS daemons. Stops CRS resources in case of cluster.
       crsctl start resources  - starts CRS resources.
       crsctl stop resources  - stops  CRS resources.
       crsctl debug statedump evm  - dumps state info for evm objects
       crsctl debug statedump crs  - dumps state info for crs objects
       crsctl debug statedump css  - dumps state info for css objects
       crsctl debug log css [module:level]{,module:level} ...
                             - Turns on debugging for CSS
       crsctl debug trace css - dumps CSS in-memory tracing cache
       crsctl debug log crs [module:level]{,module:level} ...
                             - Turns on debugging for CRS
       crsctl debug trace crs - dumps CRS in-memory tracing cache
       crsctl debug log evm [module:level]{,module:level} ...
                             - Turns on debugging for EVM
       crsctl debug trace evm - dumps EVM in-memory tracing cache
       crsctl debug log res turns on debugging for resources
       crsctl query crs softwareversion [] - lists the version of CRS software installed
       crsctl query crs activeversion - lists the CRS software operating version
       crsctl lsmodules css - lists the CSS modules that can be used for debugging
       crsctl lsmodules crs - lists the CRS modules that can be used for debugging
       crsctl lsmodules evm - lists the EVM modules that can be used for debugging

 If necesary any of these commands can be run with additional tracing by
 adding a "trace" argument at the very front.
 Example: crsctl trace check css   


Usage: srvctl []
    command: enable|disable|start|stop|relocate|status|add|remove|modify|getenv|setenv|unsetenv|config
    objects: database|instance|service|nodeapps|asm|listener
For detailed help on each command and object and its options use:
    srvctl -h  

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