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EBS R12中中间层(Middle Tier)及应用层脚本(单独开启各服务脚本)-应用层

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二, EBS应用层  

2.1  在目录 ${INST_TOP}/admin/scripts/ 或 $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME下可以看到:


说明: Start / Stop Applications RPC Listener process
路径: ${INST_TOP}/admin/scripts/ 
用法:  {start|stop|status}  

Apps listener is different from database listener, Apps Listener is used for various
purpose one is to check output & log files in concurrent requests. Check if apps listener
is fine by clicking on log file & output file for Active Users request you submitted .
If you encounter any issues while trying to access Log & Output file issue might be with
Oracle Apps Listener.  Check if (where ad is apps dba, aln is apps listener
and ctl is control) on application tier started successfully. If yes then check this query:
 select  request_id, logfile_name, logfile_node_name, outfile_name, outfile_node_name
  from fnd_concurrent_requests
 where request_id=[your request id number]. 用于开启及关闭 apps listener (FNDFS and FNDSM). 监听文件存在于 10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME
某子目录下(注:10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME 存放Forms & Reports 等),listener.ora确切目录为

简单理解,就是你能在form界面点击查看output logfile文件,如果这个listener没起来,
是无法在form 界面点view output/view logfile来查看的。

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