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保护你的 PL/SQL 代码!

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How to protect PL/SQL Source Code ? PL/SQL V-2.2, available with Oracle 7.2, implements a binary wrapper for PL/SQL to protect the source code. This is done via a standalone utility that transforms the PL/SQL source code into portable binary object code (somewhat larger than the original). This way you can distribute software without having worry about exposing your proprietary algorithms and methods. SQLPLUS and SVRMGRL will still understand and know to execute such scripts. Just be careful, there is no "decode" command available, the syntax is: wrap iname=myplsqlsource.sql oname=myplsqlsource.plb (UNIX) wrap80 iname=myplsqlsource.sql oname=myplsqlsource.plb (NT)[@more@]

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