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listener QUEUESIZE 参数默认值

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The QUEUESIZE parameter determines the number of concurrent connection requests the Listener can store while it works to establish those connections.If the number of incoming requests exceeds the size of the buffer, the client requesting the connection will receive failures. Ideally, the size of this buffer should be equal to the maximum number of expected simultaneous connection requests.

   (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = Lis)(PORT = 1521)(QUEUESIZE = 300))

This parameter is only used when the TCP/IP or DECNET protocols are used, upto version 10.1 
For IPC example see Document 361957.1 Intermittent ORA-28575 Calling Extproc, When Load is high / system Stressed

The value of QUEUESIZE is dependent on underlying TCP/IP tuneables, such as

Sun Solaris: tcp_conn_req_max_q (default 128) 
HP-UX: tcp_conn_req_max (default 20) 
HP Tru64: somaxconn (default 1024)

Default queue sizes

Solaris default QUEUESIZE is 5
Aix default QUEUESIZE is 1024
Linux Default QUEUESIZE is 128
Windows default QUEUESIZE is 50

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