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HP-UX Kernel Configuration for 10g 推荐

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Oracle 10g recommendations:

- Minimum RAM = 1024 MB

- HP-UX 11i

- Swap Space: Minimum

o Between 1GB and 2GB RAM use 1.5 times the size of RAM for swap

o Between 2GB and 8 GB RAM use equal to the size of RAM

o More than 8 GB RAM 0.75 to equal size of RAM

please check Appendix 5 for large systems

- available Disk Space: up to 4 GB (sw only up to 3 GB)

this includes 1 GB from companion CD

- Temporary Disk Space: 400 MB of space in the /tmp directory

If there is not 400MB available space in the /tmp directory,

then you can set the TMPDIR or TMP (used by Oracle) environment

variable to point to a directory that has at least 400 MB of available space.

This directory must be writable by the user account performing the installation.)

Disk space for DB files: 1 .2 GB

- Create OS UNIX groups for Oracle system:

o OSDBA group : Required

o OSOPER group: Optional

o ORAINVENTORY group: Optional

o APACHE group: Recommended

- Please check appendix 6 for SCHED_NOAGE usage and MLOCK

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