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A = Must always be running
O = Optional on all platforms
P = Optional and specific to a platform

DBWR (A) - the database writer
LGWR (A) - the log writer
PMON (A) - the process monitor
SMON (A) - the system monitor
CKPT (O) - the checkpoint process (or thread)
ARCH (O) - the archive process (or thread)
RECO (O) - the recoverer process (or thread)
SNPnnn (P) - snapshot process
LCKnnn (P) - inter-instance locking processes
Snnn (P) - shared server process in multi-threaded server
Dnnn (P) - dispatcher process in multi-threaded server
WMON (P) - wakeup monitor process
QMNn (P) - AQ Time Manager
TRWR (P) - Trace Writer
LMON (P) - Lock Manager Monitor
LMD0 (P) - Lock Manager Daemon
MMAN (O) - Memory Manager
RBAL (O) - Rebalances ASM disk resources
ASMB (O) - Communicates to and from Cluster Synchronization Services (ASM)
RVRW (O) - Recovery Writer (associated with Flashback Database)
MMNLL(O) - Memory Monitor Light
ARBx (O) - Processes managed by RBAL
CTWR (O) - Change Tracking Writer (RMAN fast incremental backup)
DMON (O) - Data Guard Broker

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