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oracle RAC RDS on AIX

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AIX5.3/6.1/7.1/7.2 都支持相应的 Oracle RAC 版本。

IBM- Clustering Oracle RAC/RDS over InfiniBand Readme- Configuring Oracle for RDS

Configuring Oracle for RDS on AIX 5.3

One of the following Oracle patches is required before enabling RDS in Oracle 11g. There are separate patches for and The patch is required before enabling RDS. If RDS was enabled before installing the patch, then RDS will need to be re-enabled after installing the patch (the patch reverts back to the non-RDS shared library). The steps to enable RDS are listed below.

Configuring Oracle for RDS on AIX 6.1

Relinking the Oracle binary

The Oracle binary must be relinked to enable the RDS protocol for the cluster interconnect. This process should be done for all Oracle database homes and ASM home where you want to use RDS. Each instance of the same database or ASM needs to use the same protocol. If you're using local storage for the ORACLE_HOME file system then you need to enable RDS in each database or ASM ORACLE_HOME on all nodes. You can enable RDS using the following steps for each database or ASM ORACLE_HOME:

  1. Shutdown all databases and ASM instances using the ORACLE_HOME where you will be enabling RDS.
  2. On each node applicable node from step 1, shutdown all databases and ASM instances.
  3. As root, execute `slibclean` on each node from step 2.
  4. Enable the RDS shared library by executing the following commands from the Oracle userid on each node from step 2, if you using a shared file system for the ORACLE_HOME, then you only need to execute these commands on one node:
    cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
    make -f ipc_rds

  5. Start up the databases and ASM instances on each node from step 2.

To go back to the original (UDP) protocol repeat the above five steps, except only in step 4 execute the following command: make -f ipc_g

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