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PowerHA7.1 system mirror log 说明

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Viewing PowerHA SystemMirror cluster log files

Your first approach to diagnosing a problem affecting your cluster should be to examine the cluster log files for messages output by the PowerHA? SystemMirror? subsystems. These messages provide valuable information for understanding the current state of the cluster. The following sections describe the types of messages output by the PowerHA SystemMirrorsoftware and the log files into which the system writes these messages.

For most troubleshooting, the /var/hacmp/log/hacmp.out file will be the most helpful log file. Resource group handling has been enhanced in recent releases and the hacmp.outfile has been expanded to capture more information on the activity and location of resource groups after cluster events. For instance, the hacmp.out file captures details of resource group parallel processing that other logs (such as the cluster history log) cannot report. The event summaries included in this log make it easier to see quickly what events have occurred recently in the cluster.

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