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Yesterday I posted about Family Day, where we try to have fun together as a family, often for free or without spending much money. I thought it would be useful to list some ways to have fun with your kids without spending a lot of money:


1.Have a reading marathon.


2.Write stories together.

2. 一起写故事

3.Play soccer.

3. 踢足球

4.Paint or draw together.

4. 一起画画或涂鸦

5.Create a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxes.

5. 用毛毯或硬纸板箱在起居室里建一个碉堡

6.Go on a hike. 7.Have a sunset picnic at a park or beach.

6. 徒步旅行 7. 在公园或海滩享受日落时分的野餐

8.Play board games.

8. 玩桌游

9.Play kickball.

9. 踢儿童足球

10.Get up early, pack breakfast, and have a sunrise breakfast.

10. 早起,打包早餐,享受日出时分的早点

11.Go to a museum.

11. 去博物馆

12.Go to a playground.

12. 去操场

13.Play hide-and-seek.

13. 玩捉迷藏

14.Have a pillow fight.

14. 枕头战

15.Ride bikes.

15. 骑自行车

16.Build sandcastles.

16. 建沙塔

17.Rent a dvd and make popcorn.

17. 租一张DVD,亲手做爆米花

18.Tell stories.

18. 讲故事

19.Have a scavenger hunt.

19. 寻物游戏(参加者在规定的时间内寻找指定的物品,以先找到者或先找到的队为胜)

20.Make mazes or puzzles for each other to solve.

20. 出难题给对方解决

21.Play card games.

21. 打牌

22.Garden together.

22. 一起修剪花花草草

23.Bake cookies (let the kids help).

23. 焙烘饼干(让孩子帮忙)

24.Go to the zoo.

24. 去动物园

25.Go to the library.

25. 去图书馆

26.Shop at a thrift shop.

26. 去旧货商店购物

27.Create a blog together.

27. 一起开个博客

28.Create a scrapbook.

28. 创建一个剪贴簿

29.Make a movie using a camcorder and computer.

29. 用便携式摄像机和电脑制作一部电影

30.Learn to play music.

30. 学习演奏音乐


31. 手指画

32.Make play dough from scratch.

32. 从头开始玩橡皮泥

33.Make homemade mini pizzas.

33. 在自己家里做迷你比萨

34.Buy popsicles.

34. 买棒冰

35.Make hand-painted T-shirts.

35. 手绘T恤

36.Set up a hammock, make lemonade, relax.

36. 搭一个吊床,喝自制的柠檬水,放松

37.Go to a pool.

37. 去泳池游泳

38.Go to a public place, people watch, and make up imaginary stories about people.

38. 去一个公共场所,观察人,创作关于这群人的虚构故事

39.Visit family.

39. 看望家人

40.Write letters to family.

40. 给家人写信

41.Paint or decorate the kids’ room.

41. 喷绘或装饰孩子的房间

42.Make milkshak

41. 做奶昔

43.Play freeze tag.

43. 木头人

44.Create a treasure hunt for them (leaving clues around the house or yard).

44. 寻宝游戏(在房子或院子里留下线索)

45.Decorate a pair of jeans.

45. 装饰牛仔裤

46.Do a science experiment.

46. 做科学实验

47.Play games online.

47. 玩在线游戏

48.Teach them to play chess.

48. 教他们下国际象棋

49.Learn magic tricks.

49. 学魔术

50.Create a family book, with information and pictures about each family member.

50. 创建一本家庭书,包括每一个家庭成员的信息和照片

51.Fly kites.

51. 放风筝

52.Go snorkeling.

52. 潜水


53. 烧烤


54. 做志愿者

55.Donate stuff to charity.

55. 为慈善事业募捐

56.Compete in a three-legged or other race.

56. 参与两人三足或是其它竞赛

57.Create an obstacle course.

57. 创建一个超越障碍训练场

58.Pitch a tent and sleep outside with marshmallows.

58. 在户外搭一个帐篷,和药蜀葵

59.Roast marshmallows.

59. 烤棉花糖

60.Play loud music and dance crazy.

60. 听动感的音乐,尽情地跳舞

61.Write and produce a play (to perform. before other family members).

61. 写出一部戏剧(在家人面前表演)

62.Paint each other’s faces.

62. 在对方脸上绘画

63.Have a water balloon fight.

63. 水球战

64.Have a gun-fight with those foam dart guns.

64. 泡沫枪大战

65.Explore your yard and look for insects.

65. 探索你的院子,寻找昆虫

66.Go for a walk and explore the neighborhood.

66. 散步,拜访邻居

67.Go jogging.

67. 慢跑

68.Take pictures of nature.

68. 给大自然拍照

69.Play a trivia game.

69. 玩益智问答

70.Make up trivia questions about each other.

70. 根据对方的情况编益智题

71.Make hot cocoa.

71. 泡一杯热可可

72.Play house.

72. 过家家

73.Decorate the house with decorations you make.

73. 用亲手做的饰品装扮房子

74.Make popsicles.

74. 做棒冰

75.Play school.

75. 幼稚园

76.Do shadow puppets.

76. 玩皮影戏

77.Make a comic book.

77. 制作连环画

78.Play in the rain.

78. 在雨中玩耍

79.Make mud pies.

79. 做泥团

80.Blow bubbles.

80. 吹泡泡

81.Take turns saying tongue twisters.

81. 轮流说绕口令

82.Sing songs.

82. 唱歌

83.Tell ghost stories in the dark with a flashlight.

83. 在黑暗中拿着手电筒说鬼故事

84.Build stuff with Legos.

84. 玩乐高益智玩具

85.Give them a bubble bath.

85. 给他们洗泡泡浴

86.Play with squirt guns.

86. 玩水枪

87.Play video games together.

87. 一起打电动

88.Play wiffleball.

88. 玩威浮球

89.Play nerf football.

89. 玩碰碰球

90.Build a rocket from a kit.

90. 组装火箭模型

91.Bake a cake and decorate it.

91. 焙烘蛋糕并装饰蛋糕

92.Play dress-up.

92. 玩扮装

93.Thumb-wrestle, play mercy, or have a tickle fight.

93. 扳手腕,玩怜悯,挠痒痒

94.Make a gingerbread house, or decorate gingerbread men.

94. 做姜饼屋,或装饰姜饼人

95.Learn and tell each other jokes.

95. 学习和给别人讲笑话

96.Play basketball.

96. 打篮球

97.Learn to juggle.

97. 玩杂耍

98.Walk barefoot in the grass and pick flowers.

98. 在草地里赤足走,采花

99.Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest.

99. 做纸飞机,举办飞行比赛

100.Prank call their grandparents, using disguised, humorous voices.

100. 用搞笑的假声给爷爷奶奶打一个骚扰电话

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