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audit drop table为什么不行

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audit drop table为什么不行

SQL> audit drop table;
audit drop table
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00956: missing or invalid auditing option

SQL> audit table;

Audit succeeded.

我看AUDIT_ACTIONS表中有drop table呀


Yes u cannot audit DROP TABLE.This is because when you create a table you are the owner of the table and so you have all the priveleges.If you want to audit CREATE,DROP and other DDL commands write a database trigger on it.The database trigger works fine on Oracle 8.1.5 and higher versions.      这个说的是原因吗?实现这个功能可以用audit table(,不知他的8.1.5不能吗

I think you performed those DROPs and CREATEs on user's own schema, that is why it seemed that the first two are not working while the last one is.

There is one odd thing with DROP TABLE and TRUNCATE TABLE statement auditing. You can't specify any of those two actions to be audited explicitely (ORA-956), like you can with CRATE TABLE. So you can't use "AUDIT DROP TABLE;" command. You can only set auditing for DROP and TRUNCATE by isuing "AUDIT TABLE;", which incorporates CREATE, TRUNCATE and DROP. So by setting "AUDIT TABLE;" audit trial will be created whenever someone isues CREATE TABLE, DROP TABLE or TRUNCATE TABLE statement.

BTW, I just noticed one strange thing on my test DB ( AUDIT_TRIAL is set to TRUE. When I started auditing logins/logoffs by isuing "AUDIT SESSION", every new session has been audited immediately. But if I use any other auditing command (like "AUDIT TABLE;"), the table statements ussage was not audited until I restarted the database. After that everything went normal and audit trail has started to reflect the changes. I found this to be true for every auditing statement, except for AUDIT SESSION. I haven't found anything regarding this unusual behaviour in the documentation, so I think this is a bug. Can anyone else reproduce this?


it's working now, I changed audit_trail=db to audit_trail=true and connected as sys with sysdba to audit the statements and works

I thought audit_trail has to be none, db or os?


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