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[zz] What Are Oracle AIA, PIP and How Do They Work?

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AIA stands for “Application Integration Architecture”
PIP stands for “Process Integration Packs”

Basically, AIA (Application Integration Architecture) is a business process platform. based on standards, which supports pre-built but modifiable process flows across existing Oracle applications and third-party services at the data, process, and user interface level.

AIA’s pre-built orchestrations or integration processes are required that layer across existing applications. These need to be made up of common processes, objects, and services. Oracle has also defined a number of enterprise business objects based on the business documents from Open Application Group. In addition, processes can also include services that have not been developed by Oracle and are application independent.

PIP (Process Integration Packs) is part of the AIA platform. Oracle use PIPs to deliver both horizontal and industry-specific pre-built, pre-integrated business flows packs that flows across the company’s diverse pplication portfolio. PIPs use Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Suite as the foundation and is able to enable quick and relatively simple implementation by customers.

Some example PIPs are:
- Oracle’s Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite.
- Oracle’s Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Order Management
- Agile Product Lifecycle Management Integration Pack
- Oracle Financials Accounting Hub Integration Pack for PeopleSoft General Ledger
- Oracle CRM On Demand Integration Pack for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

More info: see Oracle AIA

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