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Find any waiting session , and you have to execute several time
to identify which one is the supicious one
set numwidth 10
column state format a7 tru
column event format a25 tru
column last_sql format a40 tru
select sw.inst_id, sw.sid, sw.state, sw.event, sw.seconds_in_wait seconds,
sw.p1, sw.p2, sw.p3, sa.sql_text last_sql
from gv$session_wait sw, gv$session s, gv$sqlarea sa
where sw.event not in
('rdbms ipc message','smon timer','pmon timer',
'SQL*Net message from client','lock manager wait for remote message',
'ges remote message', 'gcs remote message', 'gcs for action', 'client message',
'pipe get', 'null event', 'PX Idle Wait', 'single-task message',
'PX Deq: Execution Msg', 'KXFQ: kxfqdeq - normal deqeue',
'listen endpoint status','slave wait','wakeup time manager')
and sw.seconds_in_wait > 0
and (sw.inst_id = s.inst_id and sw.sid = s.sid)
and (s.inst_id = sa.inst_id and s.sql_address = sa.address)
order by seconds desc;

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