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Oracle OCP 19c 认证1Z0-083考试题库(第4题)

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Oracle OCP 19c 认证1Z0-083考试题库(第4题)

4、For which two requirements can you use the USER_TABLESPACE clause with the CREATE PLUGGABLE DATABASE command? (Choose two.)

A. to specify a default tablespace in a PDB cloned from another PDB in the same CDB.

B. to exclude all tablespaces except SYSTEM, SYSAUX, and TEMP when plugging in a PDB

C. to include specific user tablespaces only when relocating a PDB

D. to specify the list of user tablespaces to include when moving a non-CDB to a PDB

E. to exclude a temp tablespace when plugging in a PDB

F. to specify the list of tablespaces to include when creating a PDB from the CDB seed

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