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48题、choose two

Which two statements are true about using SQL*Loader?

A) It can load data from external files by using conventional path only.

B) It can generate unique sequential key values in specified columns.

C) It can load data into multiple tables using the same load statement.

D) It can load data from external files by using direct path only.

E) It can load data into only one table at a time.



/ Load data into multiple tables during the same load session.

/ Load data across a network. This means that you can run t he SQL*Loader client on a

different system from the one that is running the SQL*Loader server.

/ Load data from multiple datafiles during the same load session.

/Specify the character set of the data.

/ Selectively load data (you can load records based on t he records' values). /Use the

operating system's file system to access the datafiles.

/ Load data from disk, tape, or named pipe.

/ Generate sophisticated error reports, which greatly aid troubleshooting.

/ Load arbitrarily complex object-relational data.

/ Use secondary datafiles for loading LOBs and collections.

/ Use either conventional or direct path loading. While conventional path loading is

very flexible, direct path loading provides superior loading performance.


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