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This is one physical western digial head swap data recovery case.



When the case was received, users request Dolphin data recovery engineers to check remotely. By entering safe mode of the hard drive, the engineer could backup the ROM and run SA Bypassing function.

接到这个 CASE 的时候,用户让 DFL 数据恢复工程师远程检查。通过进入硬盘的安全模式,工程师可以备份 ROM ,并且绕过 SA 访问 功能。


However, after bypassing the SA read, the situation didn t change at all and only PCB information was recognized, the module DIR could be read but when any attempts to read modules fail and data area was blocked too.

然而,在绕过读 SA 后,情况没有改变,只能识别 PCB 信息,模块 DIR 目录可以读取但尝试读取模块和数据区未能成功,操作失败。


By above operation, engineer can clearly learn above read failure was caused by head damage although the hdd had not generated clicking noises.



Engineer suggested the DFL user to swap the heads with level 2 head replacement suite and then checked the patient hard drive again. The hard drive could be ready but very slow, bypassing the SA, the engineer could read all the firmware modules and then load the ATA modules with DFL WD, next, the user could fix the slow initialization problem.

工程师建议 DFL 用户进行换头,然后再检故障硬盘。硬盘可以就绪但是很慢,绕过 SA ,工程师用 DFL WD 固件修复工具可以读所有的固件模块并加载 ATA 模块,接下来,用户可以修复初始化慢的问题。


Next the engineer run firmware restart and waited until the ready got ready. Entering DDP data recovery

后续的工程师运行固件重启,等到就绪成功。进入 DDP 模块就可以进行数据恢复工作了。

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